Deposits that are paid are non-refundable. They will be deducted from the price of your final appointment. This means the deposit will be held until the tattoo is completed, over numerous appointments if necessary. It is very important that you let your artist know at least 96 hours in advance if you need to move or cancel your tattoo appointment, otherwise you will lose your deposit. Any paid deposit will be lost in the event of a cancellation of a rearranged appointment.

You will lose your deposit in the following circumstances:
- You do not give your artist enough notice before moving or cancelling an appointment.
- You do not show up to your appointment.
- You are unreasonably late to your tattoo appointment without notice.

We respectfully ask you to understand that deposits are designed to secure your appointment and protect our artists from a loss of income if you do not show up. It ensures our diaries are kept as efficiently as possible so we can focus on delivering an excellent service. Please let us know if you have any questions, thank you.


Please note it is not part of  our studio policy to send out any designs prior to appointments. Thank you for your understanding.